Sunday, October 5, 2008

Eye Color Effects - Photoshop Tutorial

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This tutorial shows you how to change someone's eye color using image adjustments and masking.
Using Adobe Photoshop CS this effect is quite easy to achieve though I see no reason for this effect to not work on any other version.

Step 1:
Open the picture you want to edit the eyes of.
Of course higher quality pictures give out more fabulous results.

Step 2:
Select the part of the eye you wish to edit.
I used the masking tool to select the eye, you can do so with other tools.
Just hit q and brush part of the eye and to refine your selection you can bring out
the eraser tool and erase the unneeded parts.

Step 3:
Use Image Adjustments > Color Balance and adjust the sliders to your preference.
For better results you should adjust both Shadows and Midtones to your desired results.


Magenta Eyes
Red Eyes

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